Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New paper: 'Presentism Remains'.

Today I got the good news that my paper 'Presentism Remains' has been accepted for publication at Erkenntnis. It's a chunky paper, at about 13500 words. If you want to, you can read it here. The gist of the paper is that the way in which some people have been thinking about presentism and methodology in the philosophy of time is wrong; that there are some advantages to holding existence presentism (that I've defended here, here and here), which I describe as the view that existence is presence, and that when it comes to the philosophy of time we should be careful to distinguish ontological questions from metaphysical questions. I contrive to take a lot of words saying all of that. My primary targets in the paper are folks like Daniel Deasy, Timothy Williamson, Sven Rosenkranz and Fabrice Correia, all of whom have written about the way in which presentism could and should be thought of, and about methodology in the philosophy of time.

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